FOCUS – Do You Have It?

Have you found yourself wondering whether you have ADHD? Can you sit still and focus on your words without hopping over to the internet and back? Lately, I’m hearing all kinds of complaints about the lack of Focus– the dreaded word that every writer craves.

Focus is a concentrated effort or attention on a particular thing; an area of concern, responsibility, or investigation; the quality that makes an image sharply defined with clear edges and contrast.

Writers need FOCUS to let their creativity loose. We need words on the page to edit a story into a sale. But in today’s world, there are so many distractions and drains on our lives. We’re ruled by technology and while the techno age is welcoming to some, it can be hazardous to a writer’s business – words.

There are many focus drains within the time we allot to our writing —

Social media – Facebook, Email, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, Google and more

Research—all internet based versus leaving home for a library visit, phone calls, DVDs

Noise—radio; MP3 music; e-books, television, computer video ads

Distractions can be phone calls, television, Mp3s and cellphones.

Add in LIFE, which is family, pets, weather, technology, age, more…NOISE. Noise that robs us of the mental peace we need to write.

Writers write. With the current changes in the publishing industry, we are now faced with possibly being our own publishing company. We have to use the left brain activities of editing, writing blurbs, reviewing, deciding on book covers, formatting and on and on.  Our poor right brain, which helps us imagine our stories, refuses to play anymore.

Endless chatter without substance is killing our lives. Some of us can handle a power outage, can you? Some don’t know what to do without technology and technology runs on power.

Ultimately, we must connect to what matters most.  As a writer, it’s your stories. What drains your focus? Makes you crazy? Robs your attention from your writing? Do you need to unplug?

To help in recovery, go here to get started…

One Reply to “FOCUS – Do You Have It?”

  1. Lovely site! The days of the writer sitting at the typewriter/computer and then sending off the book and calling it a done deal, are long gone. We’ve all become entreprenuers and small business owners. We have to constantly switch hats. It’s all about getting your name out there and known and making the sales, and the lists, and gaining the awards. Too often, the writing is moved to the back burner. I think it’s important to have a few books waiting in the wings when you first publish. That way when the sales and marketing and promo swamp your life, you have books written and can fall back on them.

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