ONE WORD – “Release”

benchandarbor     This year I’ve chosen a word I can focus on that will remind me, direct me and guide me through the year.  My word for 2014 is RELEASE – A word defined as recover consciousness, flourish again, and cause experience to return.

I plan to let go of expectations in my writing and my life whether I like it or not. It’s now time for me to rediscover, revitalize and release so that I can invigorate my writing. My commitment is to find me again amidst the seasons of life that have a tendency to suck the life out of anyone. I’m going to concentrate on living each moment, of letting the little things go that bother me and find the positives in each step God has planned for me.

Release is a great word. It’s liberating. Now as the days roll on, I’ll have my word posted on a card bedside, on the bathroom mirror, beside my keyboard and written across the top of my monitor. I plan to step up, take risks, dream and then take action.

I started this weekend and feel better already.  I drove off for a local writing meeting and came home to my entire kitchen being rearranged, uncluttered, streamlined and cleaned. My husband used the 5-S system the Japanese use within their industry. A space for everything and if it’s not used it’s removed. I will admit that *release* became a mantra equal to the OOMMMM of meditation. I am still working on letting it go, but I figure it’s a blessing. I have a neat, clean kitchen which now means I have to shift my mindless routine and think, search and rediscover within a space I’d refined over seven years. Heck, why bother. I’ll find some coffee, head off to my office and release the space to him. My writing is now a priority. RELEASE is working already.

As an update…my word RELEASE has helped me stay focused, let go of anger and shift my priorities with ease. Try it. I’ll share may word.

What about you? Have you chosen one word that can help you focus and refine your year? Share it and maybe you’ll find someone else using the same word. If you’d like a tribe of other people using the same word, go check out


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