As a writer, the one word that benefits me more than any other is –Attitude. It’s the mind-set I have as I sit down to write over and over. It’s the approach I take to rewriting  multiple drafts one more time. It’s the thoughts and feelings I experience as I dive into the submission process, and it’s the outlook I keep when rejections flow back across my desk.

RWA Golden Heart® and Rita® finalists were announced this week. A lot of writers enter the competition in the hopes of making those top slots. Some don’t make it. It’s how they deal with the disappointment that’s important.

Attitude can kill our dreams or uplift our burgeoning hopes. All is up to us. The hardest part is maintaining a positive attitude under a barrage of life issues or writing issues that we have no control over. And I’m learning, repeatedly, that if I stay in the present and deal with what I can do now then the rest will resolve itself.

Do I have the occasional irritable attitude? Yep, and if I deny it, just ask my boys. They have a way of reminding me of every instance that I’ve failed to follow what I preach—a positive attitude goes a lot further than a ____ attitude [fill in the blank with your term].

My writing usually produces some reaction that goes from euphoria to the doldrums. You know the feeling. That *call* that says you’re a finalist in a contest only to be followed by that punch in the gut feeling when a slew of rejections comes flying back faster than a Star Trek warp to the next dimension. The fastest rejection for one of my stories was 12 minutes via email.  You know you’re a writer when you look at that 12-minute wonder and think, “Cool. A response.”   Maybe taking the middle road will produce a calmer spirit.

What I do, think or say about all the above depends on how I feel at the moment. If I can keep that positive outlook, then I roll back my sleeves and dive in for more.  If my thoughts are in a slump, well, I dive in all right for the chocolate when an extra mile on the treadmill would probably serve me better.

In my quest to recharge my attitude, I found some good material to consider. Here’s a link to a series that I found interesting. The Confident Writer Series: 1—The Mental Games We Play.

Take a moment and check it out. Maybe something will help you keep the positives and push aside the negatives.

I know time at the beach  always center me. What do you do to stay positive? What helps you continue moving forward?



  1. Great post, Jean. I know I can get out of bed with the ——est attitude and then I astounded what 30 minutes of morning prayer can do to change my entire day – even though nothing changes but my attitude. I’ve heard that a day hemmed in prayer is less likely to unravel. Works for me. Write on!

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