Spring is here, finally, after a harsh winter, occasional slew of tornadoes and torrential rains that still linger as if the clouds can’t quite spit it all out the first time. With spring come warmer temperatures and flowers.

I’m drawn  from my desk with an urge to pull out my hand shovel and dig in the dirt. There are multitudes of flowers available to plant. This year I planted half a row of all varieties of flowers in our garden, a few around the house and containers of blooms. Since I love flowers, I have several books on the language of flowers.

I love pansies. Their bright little faces come in all colors.

New Canaan Flora
New Canaan Flora

They bloom continually during the spring and early fall. I look forward to their happy blooms every morning.Pansy, also known as Heartsease means Thoughts. If you give them to someone you want them to think of you or tell them you occupy their thoughts.

Flowers have many meanings and using them to add to my character’s development is a way to create depth and meaning for their lives.

Did you know the Poppy is considered a magical flower? It represents life and death, good and evil, light and darkness. Makes me wonder about the darker side for mystery plots.

Violets mean innocent love; humility, modesty but also ambitiousness; resurrection and spring. A simple flower given for a young and budding romance.

Camellias were the most sought-after and expensive flower of the 19th century. They symbolized transience of life; delicate and elegant these flowers are still found in a southern garden. It reminds me of Savannah and Charleston, with their hidden gardens and lush vegetation.

Throughout the ages flowers are used to express feelings. What better way for my character to create emotion than by giving flowers with meaning.

What’s your favorite flower?

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  1. We’ve already had this conversation, Jean. With both of our birthdays this month – the GLORIOUS month of May, when flowers abound. Growing up in Delaware, there were always violets and lily of the valley blooming for my birthday. I miss them. Especially the unique scent of lilly of the valley – which say BIRTHDAY to me as much as pine says CHRISTMAS. Now that I live in Florida, however, I’ve manage to adjust to the fact that our gardenia bush blooms the first two weeks of May, so I can fill my house with their unbelievable scent for my birthday every year now. Flowers do bring me joy. I’m glad you love them too. I will think of you whenever I see Pansy’s pert little face. Write On!

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