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Today is the start of Writer Wednesdays, a year-long blog party of writers who will chat through various blogs about the same topic. Our first topic is My Wedding Day Highlight…

My wedding had so many conflicts that writers may be the only people who appreciate the drama. 🙂

From a group of surprise guests to a forty degree rise in temperatures mid December, the fun started. The evening before my wedding, my floral arrangements sat outdoors [easy refrigeration]. Due to the summer temps they had to be scrambled into neighbor’s refrigerators. On the day of the wedding, I arrived early at the church to find the reception area had been used for a Christmas party and someone had forgotten to clean up. A train blocked the wedding party from reaching the church on time and the wedding consultant didn’t show until I was ready to walk down the aisle. I’m sure this was supposed to be that peaceful moment before I say, “I do”.  Numerous other wild and crazy things happened that day, which I’m saving for another blog. It was a true testament to patience.


But the special highlight for me, despite the crazies, was marrying the man I loved and escaping the church in my parents’ van, which left them to drive the jazzed up, foamed and shoe-polished car declaring “Just Married” to the world. To this day they remember the horns honking, hand waving and smiles as they drove home. 🙂

Romance writers love weddings. After all, it’s the “Happily Ever After” that grabs us. Kat-2-cover_ex Kat Cantrell2Author, Kat Cantrell, shares two wonderful stories. Check them out at Amazon.

What special highlight do you remember about your wedding? Share your comments with me. I’d love to hear your stories. 

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10 Replies to “Writer Wednesdays – Weddings”

  1. Be glad you had a groom there. 🙂 After 5 postponements of our wedding date, my husband’s ship finally arrived home in time for us to marry on the 6th date. There was an international incident that his ship was involved in (and this was way before email) so we planned around the headlines in the New York Times. We were married at home and the 100 guests who had changed their plans 5 times were all able to make it. There were a lot of things that weren’t perfect that day, but it was one day. It’s the last 39 years together that are way more important. And the ones to come. BTW, love the idea of your parents in the “getaway car.” 🙂

  2. Aw, the most memorable parts are the parts we *didn’t* plan, right? (Even the ones that go wrong!) But I love that you “escaped” in the van and kept your heart on the happily ever after — and can laugh at it all now.

    (Also, it’s funny how many of us got married around the holidays!)

  3. Now Jean, if everything had gone smoothly, you wouldn’t have remembered it so clearly. Kidding. 😉 I think our excitement and nervousness draws the Laws of Murphy to any “big” moment about to happen in our lives.

    But marrying the man you love is the best HEA anyone can have.

  4. Escaping in your parents’ van?!? Too funny!

    Usually young couples try to avoid having to drive a “grocery getter” vehicle.

    Looks like things have worked out as you focused on the one main thing that didn’t go wrong– you married the man of your dreams and your relationship has lasted! That’s a true blessing!!!

  5. I love wedding stories, Jean. And I love the part about you having to refrigerate your flowers in December! But I am so glad you married your hero and that in spite of wedding day craziness, it all worked out.

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