Natural Disaster. . .

It’s Writer Wednesday time again. I’m joining with a few Romance Writers of America Golden Heart finalists in a year-long blog event. We’ll talk about various topics that may feed our fiction. At the bottom you’ll find links to the other writer’s web pages who may be participating in today’s topic……A natural disaster you’ve experienced….


I’ve lived all over, but one of my first experiences with a natural disaster was as a child in Ankara, Turkey. My family was at a multi-family picnic on a mountain meadow when a severe thunderstorm rolled over. Everyone raced with gear to their cars. The road off the mountain and back into the city was a dirt road. As the torrential rain continued, the road became more and more slippery as dirt turned to mud which started sliding…


Yes, we were in our family station wagon, on the side of a mountain and the mountain was beginning to slide due to the deluge of rain. We all moved as fast as we could. My father gripped the wheel, his knuckles white. Blinding rain pounded the windshield, the tires slipping and the car sliding as he drove down the mountain. Lightening in streaks of blue and pink lit the night sky.


We made it almost to the last turn when the car sunk in the sliding mud. My dad tried any wood he could find and shoved the logs under the tires for traction while my mother rocked the car to inch forward. They made a wood road only to see it sink beneath the mud. With mud up to our axles, rain pounding the roof of the wagon, my brother and I were not admitting how hard our hearts were pounding.


As shelf after shelf of mud slid off the road we could see the edge and certain disaster. When a car behind us was caught as well, they offered us some chicken wire. Once shoved in the mud under the tires, the wire gave the rubber traction. So, we used chicken wire every few feet until we reached the end of the road. When we looked back, the road was gone.


The drive into town was just as harrowing. Flash flooding had occurred, so large portions of the roadways were flooded as high as the tire wells.  While safety dictates you stop and don’t drive through water, if we wanted to get home, which was the only way, we had to drive into the water following other cars. Luckily, it was a street and not a bridge.  We arrived wet, but safe. My dad and mom were covered in mud, and relieved to be home. To this day chicken wire is a staple in our garage.


I’ll save the military coop, the earthquake and the tornadoes for another blog…. Meanwhile check out the other authors participating


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6 Replies to “Natural Disaster. . .”

  1. That’s a pretty scary story, Jean! I can’t imagine how afraid your parents were. I’m glad you guys made it off the mountain safely. Thank the Lord for kind strangers and chicken wire!

  2. Oh Jean, that was harrowing just to read! I cannot imagine how frightening that was. Thank goodness for that other car and the chicken wire. They got out too, right?

  3. That’s scary, Jean! We have flash flood problems in the Houston area, but at least the streets don’t dissolve. I think you may win the prize for most unusual natural disaster today.

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