Show Us Your TBR Pile

Today we’d like you to join us in revealing your TBR piles. Now, for those who don’t know, TBR is To Be Read. All of us write and read, but sometimes the reading stack grows…and grows…and grows…


Here are the books in my office…Books4

My basement has wall-to-wall shelves with books. I started sorting one day then had to replace them in a hurry for carpet cleaning. Yes, my shelves are upside down. My TBR books are now mixed in but the fun is closing my eyes and picking one. It’s an adventure….Books1

Then my research books are stacked by current project, and there are always more books to reference and read….Books2

And I’ll end with a section of favorite books that my cats knocked off the shelves to find a hiding spot. They are now a merry mix…but always an adventure when I open the pages and begin reading.Books3

Now take a moment and show me your TBR piles. Add your photo to the comment section below. And then visit Sharon WrayKay Hudson, Tamra Baumann, and Priscilla Oliveras who will share their TBR piles as well. Enjoy! 🙂

13 Jan 2016

Show Us Your Holiday Decor

It’s that time of year, the season of two-sided people.  The season marketers love, people stress over and children become overstimulated with. The bah-humbug creeps its way out in the form of rude, irritable and cranky people.grinch03

But that’s only one side of the season.

The other side of the season pushes people into the kitchen for the traditional sugar cookie bake, then into the living room to assess the best spot for the Christmas tree and ends with the great dive into the spirit of holiday shopping. Christmas music, colorful lights, yeast and cinnamon in the air, all enticing people to act courteous, humble and generous.cartoon-angel-wing-free (1)


So, ease back, relax and enjoy the cool weather, bright lights and holiday décor. We’re here today to share a small part of our holiday décor with you. Feel free to share yours. We’d love to see it!

I always start my season with Christmas music and Poinsettia plants.  I love the rich red and green leaves.poinsettia-sm

I spend a few moments deciding what, when, how to decorate our home. It’s never the same from year to year, so whatever strikes me is what happens. My favorite Christmas decor is the year Neo, our cat, decided that a tree in the house was a wonderful opportunity…

To sleep…

Neo asleep in the tree.

Neo asleep in the tree.


And the Nikon moment of the season was Neo playing hide-n-seek…..

Neo hiding in the tree.

Neo hiding in the tree.





It was a fun year of plastic balls and colorful shapes as our cats thought the tree was all for their enjoyment. From batting and chasing to climbing and falling asleep, our cats enjoyed the special tree that year. I solved that problem by putting up a new tree the next year that was stiff and scratchy. They haven’t climbed it yet….maybe this year I’ll pull out our glass ornaments!

I’d love to see your dĂ©cor for the season. So take a moment to share some photos. Also, visit my fellow Firebirds and their favorite holiday decor. . .  Sharon Wray, Kay Hudson, Tamra Baumann, and Priscilla Oliveras

09 Dec 2015

My Favorite Holiday Books

It’s Writer Wednesday and we’re opening the door to the holidays….


Twas the night before Christmas. . .

And all through the house was a land of Legos and a big stuffed mouse. My sons trailed behind me, reluctant they were, to head off to bed before Santa was a blur.

I pulled out a surprise, a book they held dear. Everyone crawled into bed and lay ready to hear. . .

I read to them softly to lull them to sleep and in came the dog to find her place in the heap. Next came the cat who was up in a leap. And we all snuggled down in a warm and cozy cuddle anxious to step into the story . . . TWAS THE NIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS of Santa’s great night.Twas Night Before Christmas[2]

Of course one story would never do, so we fell into laughter with Cindy Lou Who in HOW THE GRINCH STOLE CHRISTMAS and gave it back.How the Grinch Stole Christmas[2]

And finally we’d end with THE CHRISTMAS STORY, where Jesus was born on a cold winter’s night and a shining star led the Wise men to the Christ child who lay in a manger so dear.TheStory ofChristmas[2]

Every night we all climbed into one bed and read. Sometimes a single book, sometimes two, but always at Christmas we read our three favorites.

Do you have favorite holiday books you read at Christmas? A favorite tradition?

Please share them with us in the comments below and we’ll have new stories to read and memories to share. Also, take a moment to check out my fellow Firebirds and their favorite holiday books. . . – Natalie Meg Evans, Lauren Christopher, Sharon Wray, Kay Hudson, and Tamra Baumann

Stop by next month when we share our holiday decor!

11 Nov 2015

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